It was in 1906 when Lutry’s wine makers united together to become what is now "Terres de Lavaux”. Combining their talents allowed for these great Vaudois wines to be known far and wide.

Our Committment

A company of vine growers seeking excellence

Our history

It was in 1906 that the vine growers of Lutry united together to found what was to become Terres de Lavaux. Thanks to this union, over time the vine growers changed their focus from Chasselas to a diverse range of white and red varieties, often adapted to the different soil types.

Our expertise

The vine growers and wine makers cultivate their vines in a traditional way whilst taking into account innovative techniques. The often steep and difficult to reach slopes and terraces mean that most ofthe work is done by hand, right up to and including harvesting the grapes.  This demanding land, for those who have been cultivating it for centuries, has been producing well known wines which have survived a long history of crises, whether it be economic, climatic or disease.

In wine making, with regards to Chasselas the emphasis is given particularly on the authenticity of the character of the local terroir, whist using the latest techniques such as the strict control of fermentation temperatures. For red grape varieties, cold maceration and long fermentation allow for maximum enhancement of flavours and aroma. For certain wines time spent aging in oak barrels enhances their qualities.

Our values


Because of the work of the wine growers in keeping with the traditions of the grape varieties and soil,  this has allowed Lavaux to be accepted by and now under the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Terres de Lavaux is committed to respecting the environment by adapting its cultivation and vinification methods to new knowledge in order to obtain high quality wines while reducing as much as possible the use of chemical products.