Jolicoeur rouge 2017

Jolicoeur rouge 2017


Blend of red grape varieties  Lavaux AOC

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Blend of red grape varieties  Lavaux AOC

70cl bottles come in a case of 6.

Grape Variety  80% Garanoir and 20% Gamay

Soil  Clay

Vinification  Traditional vinification. Garanoir is a cross of Gamay and Reichensteiner (a white variety). It is a hardy variety and resistant to rot.

Tasting Notes  Something a little different; a red wine carefully created by a group of all female oenophiles. Candied fruit, bonbon anglais, a dusting of pepper in the back ground and red fruits (fresh and dried) unite together creating an interesting bouquet. A slight trace of effervescence on the palate helps to create this easy drinking and versatile wine.

Food & Mood Match  Its adaptability allows it to accompany an array of dishes, moods and people. An all round four seasons wine, et voila, Vivaldi Four Seasons - the perfect music match.

When to Drink and How to Store  In the summer season, serve slightly chilled (only slightly though) too much and all the aromas will be lost. For the remainder of the year, serve slightly below room temperature. Tip: fill the wine glass less than half full in order for the nectar to breathe.

A few words from the winemaker A blend or various red grape varieties carefully selected by an all-female panel of wine tasters.

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