Pinot Noir "Orpheus" 2013

Pinot Noir "Orpheus" 2013


Old vines, limited production, aged in oak barrels  Lavaux AOC

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Old vines, aged in oak barrels  Lavaux AOC

75cl bottles come in a case of 6.

Grape Variety  Pinot Noir made from vines more than 25 years of age.

Soil  Clay                                             

Vinification  Aged in oak from Allier France.

Tasting notes  A delightful mixture of tree tomatoes, semi dried tomatoes, subtle oak, caramel, mocha and spice interweaves throughout. A provocative piquant style to it with powerful bold tannins that pacify once it has opened up a little.

Food & mood match  Game bird and poultry dishes (quail, pheasant, turkey and chicken from Bresse, to name a few) are a match made in heaven for this wine along with a passionate romantic dinner for two in a secluded cottage in the forest. Can you think of anything better than this?

When to drink and how to store  Gets very good by year 2 and 3 and depending on the vintage, for several more years. Serve between 15-18 degrees and for optimum storing conditions make sure you consider all of the following elements: Temperature and temperature stability,  humidity and ventilation. Darkness and vibration

A few words from the winemaker  A great Burgundy-style wine for a third of the price.

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