Plant Robert "Orpheus" 2017

Plant Robert "Orpheus" 2017


Certified and limited production
Aged in oak barrels
Lavaux AOC

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Old vines, slightly barred  Lavaux AOC

75cl bottles come in a case of 6.

Grape Variety  100% Plant Robert

Soil  Clay

Vinification   Aged in oak. Plant Robert is also called Plant Robez or Plant Robaz. It is an old grape variety which recently has comeback into fashion in the Lavaux area.  It is an ancient cousin of the Gamay grape variety, being a fairly light, dry, easy drinking red wine.

Tasting notes  Mixed spice (mainly black pepper and cardamom), wild baby strawberries, raspberries and black cherries. Lots of earthy notes and subtle background tannin with a smooth finish. A very impressive drop!

Food & mood match  So easy to drink this red wine, so settle back, relax and enjoy. With a spiciness about it, it works wonders with Indian dishes. Careful though, not too spicy.  Just enough to match the level of spice in the wine because a too spicy Indian dish will kill the flavours.  Other good matches - pungent cheeses and white meat dishes.

When to drink and how to store   Can be kept for a good 4 to 5 years and possibly up to 10 years depending on the vintage.

A few words from the winemaker  A must try rare wine that requires some experience in order to appreciate its strong character.

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