Viognier 2017

Viognier 2017

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Aged in oak barrels  Lavaux AOC

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Aged in oak barrels  Lavaux AOC

75cl and 50cl bottles come in a case of 6.

Grape Variety   100% Viognier

Soil  Grown in soil made up of 100% clay.

Vinification  Partially aged in new oak barrels from Allier in France.

Tasting notes  Viognier typically has aromas of apricots and peach, those scents spring forth in the 1st moments of tasting this charming wine. Elderflower and musk mingled with a tad of tropical fruit and a hint of nutmeg emerges soon after.  With its refreshing acidity and lingering aftertaste it quite simply is a pure delight to drink.

Food & mood match  Such a versatile wine, it can pair well with perfumed Marrocan tagine style cuisine, saffron risotto, fruit salad and shell fish dishes. It should be tasted with lovers of food and wine or even better an epicurean.

When to drink and how to store  Drink within 5 years to maintain its fresh character. Serve between 12 to 14 degrees. Store in a cool dark place with a constant temperature and away from light. 

A few words from the winemaker A challenging grape variety where clusters of grapes must be cut back by half in July.

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