Our New Appellations

Terres de Lavaux is now proud to present all the diversity of terroirs of our region with
4 new appellations that add to our classics Lutry and Villette.


Let yourself be embarked on a journey through our vineyard of Lavaux, with new stopovers named Epesses, Calamin Grand Cru, Dézaley Grand Cru and St-Saphorin.

To be discovered on the occasion of our open days of 6 and 7 May 2017.


2 Wines - 6 Gold Medals...  
Lutry Tradition and  Robin des Vignes 2015

Our award winning wines, with 2 gold medals received at the Mondial du Chasselas


Lutry Tradition 2015 ranked 7th out of
904 Vaudois wines

Robin des Vignes 2015
came in brilliantly with
a gold medal