Special edition - Wine IQ "Terres de Lavaux"


« Which is the most cultivated white grape variety in Switzerland? », “Why is Lavaux the only wine growing region in Switzerland recognized by the UNESCO world heritage?”, “What is the surface area of the vineyards in Geneva?”, “In wine making, what is meant by the term “pumping over”?”...

...these are the types of questions that you will come across  in the special edition Terres de Lavaux Wine IQ (blue box). The more questions you answer, the more you advance your IQ

We designed this game for all who love Swiss wine and those who want to learn more about the wine culture of our country.

If you already have the  Helvetiq Wine IQ game (red box, with over 18960 copies sold worldwide), by uploading the questions from our special  edition, this will allow you to complete your board game thanks to a range of new questions dedicated entirely to Switzerland. You  can purchase it at our tasting room in Lutry for the price of 19.-

If you do not already have  the Wine IQ game (red box) it is also available for sale at out tasting room for 29.-

Finally, you can also play exclusively with the special edition Lavaux Wine IQ by downloading the rules of the game for free, as well as a score card which will allow you to note down the results. 

The perfect idea for a gift which can be played with the family. Learn more about Swiss wine in general and in particular the Lavaux wine region.