Lutry Tradition 2018

Lutry Tradition 2018

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Chasselas  Lavaux AOC

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Lavaux AOC

70cl bottles come in a case of 12, and 50cl in a case of 15.

Grape Variety  100% Chasselas

Soil  This wine grew up in a mixture of gravel and clay found in Lutry.

Vinification  The grapes are crushed and pressed, followed by racking, 1st and second fermentation. Then comes fining, filtering and lastly stabilization.

Tasting notes  Mineral sensations (an assortment of river edge stones - they do have aromas, see for yourself) and hints of grapefruit. Fresh tantalising acidity. Excellent balance. Perfect to open your appetite. Also a great wine to age depending on the year. Very moreish!

Food and mood match  A perfect summer wine to have with a group of friends on a picnic by the lake, river edge or even better at the beach with freshly caught snapper. If you can’t be by the sea, then freshly caught local fish.  Let the wine cool in-between 2 large stones at the river/lake/beach waters edge. Soak up being in a natural environment with excellent food wine and company. 

When to drink Consume within 2 to 3 years, but certain vintages also improve with age and benefit to be kept longer.

How to store  This wine is best kept in a cool, dark, dry place away from light and vibration (wine hates those).

A few words from the winemaker  A true winegrowers wine;  we drink this one whilst sitting on the vineyard wall for the aperitif

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