Orpheus vin doux 2015

Orpheus vin doux 2015


A blend of white desiccated grape varieties Lavaux AOC

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Blend of white passerillés grape varieties  Lavaux AOC

37.5 cl bottles come in a case of 6.

Grape Variety   20% Chardonnay, 40 % Pinot Blanc, 25% Pinot Gris, 15% Pinot Noir

Soil   Clay

Vinification  Before being made into wine these carefully selected grapes are air dried on racks to increase their sugar content.  Fermentation is stopped before all the grape sugars have turned into alcohol, which means that the natural grape juice sugars remain, making it a sweet wine.  Orpheus was aged in new oak barrels for approximately one year.

Tasting notes  Layers and layers of magnificent aromas. Sweet candied ginger, dried raisins, honey and honey suckle are the 1st notes to appear, followed by spice, marmalade, quince, crab apple, orange blossom and tangerine which then bounce around the senses. It is not overly sweet which some of these wines can be and has the perfect amount of acidity to counter balance its sweetness.

Food & mood match  A banquet of sumptuous deserts. Or instead of desert. Fall into its charm. Devour in Roman style whilst laid back on a very comfortable chaise longue.

When to drink and how to store  Let this wine develop somewhat. Excellent by year 3 and has the potential to be kept for a long time.

A few words from the winemaker For 1000 kg of grapes carefully harvested in baskets, only 200 liters of wine are produced

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