Time 4 Wine has arrived at Terres de Lavaux

Terres de Lavaux  celebrates  its revamp with “Time for Wine”. With its new signature, new graphics and new website, the company intends to send a strong message about the excellence of the Swiss wine.  

According to the last report of the international organization of world wide wine production it is at its lowest since 1961. Terres de Lavaux, centenary participants in swiss viticulture responded to the challenge and decided to communicate the level of excellence within Swiss wine making. 


“Time 4 Wine” is now the new signature for the group of Lavaux wine makers who founded Terres de Lavaux in 1906. Situated in the heart of Lavaux, this wine region is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This new signature emphasizes three pillars of the company: respect for past traditions,  excellence of current wine-making and oenological methods and dynamism - the future.

“It takes time and skill to make fine wine. Swiss watchmakers are world renowned for the mastery of time...Nowadays it is the Swiss winemakers whose expertise needs to be known “affirms Jean-Charles Estoppey, family doctor and president of Terres de Lavaux. 

The association between mastery of time and wine growing know-how will be now available on all forms of media communication, including the new website. https://www.terresdelavaux.ch

The concept “Time 4 Wine” conveys a message to all wine-lovers. In today's busy world, it is important to take a break and what better way to do it - with a wine tasting in the heart of our magnificent region?” A message which reminds us of the associations principals “ Slow Food”. Terres de Lavaux will make a significant contribution, being at the heart of the creation of a new concept called Slow Wine.  

As the Christmas festivities and the new year approaches, Terres de Lavaux would like to invite you to an exceptional evening (oysters, foie gras and champagne). At the same time Terres de Lavaux launches a game which tests you on your  knowledge of Swiss wine, in partnership with the company, Helvetiq.

Time 4 Wine with Terres de Lavaux. 

We take time to respect the traditions of our thousand-year-old vineyards which are  listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We take all the time necessary to produce fine wine. 

Take some time to join us for a wine tasting in our cellar at Lutry.

Terres de Lavaux
Chemin de la Culturaz 21
1095 Lutry – Suisse

Press contact : Jean-Paul Oury : +41 (0)21 791 24 66

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